What we believe

The driving principle behind Focus Conference is the pursuit of the Glory of God through the exposition of His Word – the Bible. Below is a summary of what we believe:

The Holy Scriptures, as originally given by God through the different authors are the infallible and inerrant Word of God. This comprises 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 books in the New Testament. Recognising these as our only authority in all matters of faith and practice, we believe the doctrines taught in them.

The only true and living God. God is revealed in the Holy Scriptures as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The Divine Persons in this Holy Trinity exist in perfect unity, are co-equal, and co-eternal, and are sovereign in creation, providence and redemption.

The creation of the world. Out of nothing the heavens and the earth were created by the Word of the Almighty. The description in Genesis chapters one and two is an accurate, historical account given by Divine revelation.

As a result of the Fall all men are sinful by nature. Sin pollutes and infects every part of their being, renders them unable to please God by their own efforts, makes them guilty in the sight of a holy God, and subject to the penalty which, in His wrath and condemnation, He has decreed against it.

Salvation is a gift from God. Through faith alone, in Christ alone the sinner is freely justified by God. The death of Christ was the final perfect sacrifice for our sins, and no sacrifice for sins remains to be offered today. On the basis of Christ’s sacrifice once offered, God forgives all our sins, and credits Christ’s righteousness to our account.

Repentance from sin and faith towards God are the means for salvation. Good works are the fruit and evidence of a true and living faith. The believer’s ability to do good works comes not from himself but from the Holy Spirit who is at work in him. Such works are not meritorious towards salvation but are rather the evidence of genuine faith.

The return of our Lord Jesus Christ personally, visibly and gloriously to this earth to raise all the dead, both the just and the unjust. As the righteous Judge he will divide all men into two, and only two, categories – the saved and the lost. Those whose faith is in Christ will be saved eternally and will enter immediately into the joy of their Lord sharing with Him his inheritance in heaven. The unbelieving will be condemned by Him to hell, where eternally they will be punished for their sins under the righteous judgment of God.

The Church consists of the elect of God, that is, all those who in every age are born again of the Spirit of God and thus united to Christ their Head. Such men and women are part of a local church.