Upcoming Conference – November 2017

Hi there! This is time for another gathering for studying the Scriptures, enjoying fellowship and  encouraging one another to focus on the important themes of the Christian life. Please find the practical details about the conference all here: Purpose: https://focus-conference.com/about/ Registration: https://focus-conference.com/about/registration/ Cost: https://focus-conference.com/about/cost/ Speaker: Robert Robb Robert is Organising Pastor of a new Church plant work in … Continue reading Upcoming Conference – November 2017

Talk 1 – May 2017 :”When life is bitter” – Summary Notes

The following are just some points and reminders from Talk 1 from our weekend in May Reference: Exodus 15 vs 22-27 The Israelites faith is strong leaving Egypt anticipating entering the promise land.Yet here we see the same people versus different circumstances as they come to Marah,meaning bitter waters. It was the Lord who brought them to … Continue reading Talk 1 – May 2017 :”When life is bitter” – Summary Notes