About the conference

Here you will find all you need to know about the weekend, but if this is still not enough and you have any more question you can use the form on contact page to get in touch.


The idea for the weekend came from a need we felt for an event that encourages young Christian adults coming together on a more regular basis. Though there are plenty of camps and events for children and youth, we are not aware of any event of that aims at bringing together people of university,and working age together here in Ireland. So if you are a Christian age 18+ we would like to hear from you!

What is weekend all about?

It is an informal gathering of young adults that profess faith and love towards Christ Jesus and hope for His glorious appearing. You can find a summary of the beliefs held by the committee here.

As a result we enjoy each other’s fellowship, but mainly profit from hearing God’s word being faithfully exposed. After each session we have a time when we can discuss what we have heard from God’s word. You will find a sample Schedule here.

What to bring?

Yourself, a Bible, pen, paper, and a disposition to hear God’s word.

When does it usually happen?

The weekend happens twice a year. For now around May and October.