Talk 1 – May 2017 :”When life is bitter” – Summary Notes

The following are just some points and reminders from Talk 1 from our weekend in May

Reference: Exodus 15 vs 22-27

  • The Israelites faith is strong leaving Egypt anticipating entering the promise land.Yet here we see the same people versus different circumstances as they come to Marah,meaning bitter waters.
  • It was the Lord who brought them to Marah “By day in a pillar of cloud,to lead them the way and by night in a pillar of fire”Exodus 13:21
  • There is contrast between the Israelites and Moses,they mumble and complain where as Moses “cried unto the Lord”
  • The Bitter became sweet in verse 25-The Lord uses the means to bring about His purpose.
  • The water is made sweet because of the presence of the Lord from start to finish
  • We are reminded how Christ through dying for our sins on the cross bore the bitterness so that our lives would become sweet by knowing redemption through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!
  • “That bitter cup, love drank it up;
    Now blessing’s draught for me.”
  • Pray: That the Lord will teach us whatever He wills us to learn and know through our sufferings.Thank Him for His never failing presence with us in times of trouble.

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